Student Affairs is a “Real Career”

This is the time of year when seniors that are preparing to graduate from college are either celebrating or having panic attacks about their future. Fortunately, Residential Life as well as Student Involvement and Leadership are there to help them through it all.

On Feb. 26, three members of Residential Life at JU and one associated professor of higher education administration from UNF spoke to the students at JU about what a job in student life can do for them.

Luke Cornelius, Ph.D from UNF, stayed in college for 18 years which includes only a small portion of his time that he worked for one.

“I just kept going back for different degrees,” Cornelius said. “I realized that if you stay in college long enough, you stop paying and they start paying you.”

Cornelius said he started getting paid for going to school while he was working on his  master’s degree in higher education administration and was given the opportunity to have an assistantship.

“If it wasn’t for that assistantship, I would have about five different degrees and a  lot of loans,” Cornelius said. “It helped me get to where I am now.”

The main reason Cornelius came to JU was to promote the new master’s degree program at UNF that includes an assistantship for higher education and administration.

“I’m biased because I designed it,” Cornelius said. “But you can actually get paid to go to school and it has certain perks.”

Some of the perks Cornelius was talking about include receiving a meal plan, free housing, a $10,000 stipend and for some people the perks can even include tuition.

“It’s really not a bad job when you look at all of the things you are getting with it,” Cornelius joked. “And it’s a very stable position. We’re always here and it’s a career for life. It’s not a career you can plan but it is a career for life.”

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