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When it comes to social media and social networking, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram automatically pop into our heads, but what about those that help students in their college careers?

Ratemyprofessor.com has been helping college students since 1999 when it comes to  choosing which classes to take based on the rating of a certain professor. Now Ratingz Inc., which operates over a dozen rating sites including ratemyprofessor.com, has introduced two new rating websites to help college students.

Ratemyfraternity.com and ratemysorority.com are now two of the leading rating- websites when it comes to Greek life on college campuses.

Just like ratemyprofessor.com, these two new additions allow any one, affiliated or not, to log on to the website and rate the Greek organizations, giving them overall letter grades ranging from A to F, instead of the 1 through 5 ratings on ratemyprofessor.com.

Luckily the organizations at JU have high ratings of A’s and B’s. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the professors of JU.

Of the 289 professors on the website, the professor average is a respectable 3.67 but some professors have rankings of 1 or 1.5, bringing the average down. However those professors that bring the average up are coming in with a ranking of 4.7 and even a solid 5.

To get all of the rankings of the professors of JU visit ratemyprofessor.com and to get more information about Greek life visit ratemyfaternity or sorority.com.

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