Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Women have always taken a backseat to men. I’m not saying it’s right; I’m just stating that it happens. It’s the way things have gone for quite some time.
Whether it was the right to vote, jobs or even something as simple as sports, women have not always come first.
In today’s world, it’s even more evident in the realm of athletics.
Danica Patrick of the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit was just about every media outlet’s headline for winning the pole in the Daytona 500, the biggest race of the NASCAR season.
The 30-year-old driver went from competing in the IZOD Indycar Series to NASCAR where she competed in the Nationwide Series before making the jump to Sprint Cup.
All the feedback heard throughout the week was, “can she do it?” and, “will she get the help she needs?” and “can she compete with the big names for 500 miles?”
I’ll be the first to admit that she definitely proved me wrong by running near the front all race long. I did not in a million years see that coming, but she had a good car and she raced one hell of a race.
With a lap to go, Patrick sat in third with a good shot at making a run at the leader, five-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson. It was at this point that her lack of experience and trust from other drivers showed most as she dropped from third to eighth during the final lap.
The night and few days that followed were not about the two-time 500 winner, Johnson (whose first Daytona 500 victory sparked his string of five straight championship seasons), but rather about how Patrick hung in there with the “big guns” of the sport.
Now I’ve been watching NASCAR for quite some time. I’ve attended a handful or so of races and watch as often as possible each year. Judging by all the press Patrick received you’d think she just won, but no, she finished eighth.
I was unaware that we celebrate those that finish eighth. You either win or you don’t, it’s as simple as that. Sure, even those that finish last get some earnings from the race but spoiler alert, your name isn’t going on the trophy and you still didn’t win.
Ricky Bobby’s dad told him, “If you’re not first you’re last.” Ricky put those words into action and either won or wrecked the car trying to win.
In their next race at Phoenix, Patrick reverted to her old, cautious and dangerous ways by wrecking and finishing 39th.
Recently the Baylor Bears women’s basketball star Brittney Griner dropped 50 on the Kansas State Wildcats during Senior Day. Without a doubt, Griner is the most dominant force in women’s collegiate basketball and possibly college basketball as a whole right now.
No questions asked, she should go on to absolutely destroy the WNBA competition. But what about a try at the NBA? It’s crazy to think that a girl would ever step foot on the court with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James and be able to hold their own.
Michelle Beadle and Dave Briggs of NBC Sports’ “The Crossover” discussed the chance of Griner excelling in a tryout with other NBA hopefuls.
Beadle and Briggs drew comparison to Lauren Silberman who just tried out at an NFL regional combine as a kicker, kicking the ball 15 yards.
The Lingerie Football League spoke out saying that Silberman wouldn’t even cut it in their league let alone the NFL.
An LFL rep reportedly told TMZ “they’re only interested in ‘real’ players.”
So a bunch of girls who run around in their underwear don’t even think you could cut it playing with them?
I do not think Griner would make as much of a fool out of herself as Silberman did but lets face it, Griner can’t stack up with NBA talent. It’s just a totally different level and brand of basketball.
While I support an integration of males and females in everyday life and activities, there are just some places where women don’t belong, for instance on the field with NFL or NBA talent.
The same thing goes for guys. There are certain places we don’t belong either, like a Mary Kay or Avon showing or a Nicholas Sparks book club.
At the end of the day, we’re beyond segregation. The point is there is a place and a time for everyone and everything.

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